Whether a book is a wild western, a rousing romance novel, a study of Abraham Lincoln, or a treatise on military ethics, it may well embody character-building lessons that society can benefit from. All CBC Award entrants must connect a message of honor, decency, and integrity with one of the categories listed below.

  1. Children’s Books
  2. Juvenile Fiction
  3. Juvenile Nonfiction
  4. Adult Fiction
    1. Adventure
    2. Historical fiction
    3. Literary fiction
    4. Westerns
    5. Military/war
    6. Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    7. Mystery
    8. Horror/Thrillers
    9. Romance
    10. Sports
  5. Adult Nonfiction
    1. Adventure
    2. Biography
    3. Business
    4. Education
    5. Family
    6. History
    7. Memoir/Autobiography
    8. Military
    9. Parenting
    10. Psychology
    11. Religion/Spirituality
    12. Self-Help
    13. Sports
  6. Paranormal
  7. Poetry
  8. Travel
  9. Graphic Novels
  10. Other


A parenting book that cultivates decency in a dangerous world is an obvious choice for CBC enrollment. But a vampire story that highlights a character who protects the good against the evil is also a viable candidate for this competition. Our goal is to improve societal values so that we can live harmoniously—safely and securely—with one another. We understand that there are a variety of ways to accomplish our objective.

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