Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. –Vince Lombardi

Thomas Fuller said, “You cannot judge a Man till you know his whole story.” CBC! Awards agrees. We cannot judge your book until we consider the entire masterpiece. Part of the character-building process is producing and caring about a quality end-product. Therefore, in addition to judging your character-building message, our judges will be looking at the quality of your writing, your level of creativity, and your attention to editing and book design.

Here is a list of the criteria our judge’s panel will be assessing:

  1. Character-building lesson:
  2. Writing quality and style
  3. Creativity/originality
  4. Interior, front cover, back cover design
  5. Editing/proofreading quality

The CBC! Awards judges’ volunteer panel is comprised of published authors, writers, publishers, editors, professionals, experts in a variety of fields, and prolific readers. CBC! Awards is proud of the contributions our judges have made and of their many proven talents and successes.

You have deeply ventured; but all must do so who would greatly win. – Lord Byron

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